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Sanum per aquam – healthiness by water

After a day at the dyke with wind, fresh air and roaring waves, the blissfulness of spoiling in our wellness area Thermaris aqua & sana appears like the fountain of youth. In the aftermath of a Finnish sauna or a circulatory protecting steam bath under a starry sky, one can relax on heated benches snuggled in a fluffy bath robe while recalling the day with the sound of the sea still in the ear, taking a sip of a freshly pressed juice now and then and dozing off shortly… This is healthy recreation for body and soul! Afterwards, Kneippism in our foot basins get your circulatory going and the adventure shower will do the rest. Bathing beauties and water rats love the light-flooded and well-decorated pool area, as well as the sportive challenge of the counter flow system and relax in canopied beach chair or at the poolside. Those who prefer tranquility can relax in a separated recreational room by meditative music. Grant yourself a few nice hours in our vital oasis "Thermaris aqua+sana"!

Kneipp Basin

In our Kneipp foot basin one moves forward by treading cold water. This treatment vitalizes circulatory and blood flow. Additionally, Kneippism has a curing effect in case of migraine and varicose veins.


So easily you can give your health a treat: Enjoy pure relaxation in our sauna Finnish-style; afterwards, take an alternating bath to vitalize the circulatory.

Steam Bath

A somewhat cooler form of the sauna: Here, the temperature has only 50 degree Celsius and a high humidity. A steam bath does not occur often; therefore, take the chance and relax in our steam bath.


The classical “Roman stew” with its obvious cooler temperature is particularly suitable for sensitive persons. It is stabilizing for the circulatory and strengthening for the immune system.

  • Wellness - Hotel Regina Maris

Our pool

The pool open to all our guests keeps fit! With the counter flow system, you are able to swim laps.

Themaris aqua & sana

Steam bath, sauna, tecaldarium, as well as our recreation room ensure varied hours of wellness.

  • Wellness - Hotel Regina Maris
  • Wellness - Hotel Regina Maris


Can't you leave job and daily fuss behind? The finnish sauna educes you the last whiff of stress.

Recreational Areas

Leave the stormy sea behind and enjoy peace, warmth and entire relaxation.