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Your indulging time:
Grant yourself a beautiful extra

Here, you are the center of our attention. In our ‘Thermaris beauty & care’ we are offering you a wonderful indulging program. From a classical massage to a deep cleansing facial treatment to a relaxing aromatic bath with candlelight and meditative music, you will be in good hands with our well educated beauty experts and their magical hands.

Knowing what is best for you: Our team would love to help you arranging your individual well-ness program for body, mind and soul.

Limber up, for instance, at a treatment with heated stones. This marvelous thing is called hot stone which affects the power centers of your body. The following massage with these stones and wonderful warm oils of high quality relieves tensions and is counterpoise for tissue func-tions. The combination of heat and massage not only sets you eminently up, but also ensures an extraordinary efficacy of the treatment.

Certainly, sea salt should not be missed in our selective treatments. The North Sea massage combines sea salt as peeling with the effect of a massage; afterwards, you will have silky and strokable soft skin. We improve the wellness feeling with a bit of glamour: a manicure, a pedi-cure and a light makeup for the evening are topping your new physical feeling off.

Decide just as you like it if you prefer fifteen minutes or a whole day of spoiling and gain the feeling of holiday even more.

Please, make your wellness appointment in advance, so that we are able to schedule all appointments optimal. Thus, we can give our attention to your time of spoiling.

Lomi Lomi Nui Massage

The Hawaiian temple massage has a focus on the body as “temple of the soul” and is a cleansing and harmonizing ritual which supports the body to free itself from accrued burdening energies of everyday life. The result is a deep recreation, as well as relaxed joints.

Classical Back Massage

Relieving tensions in the back, shoulder and neck area takes care of wellbeing and pure recreation.

Power Man Care

After a little facial massage with a highly concentrated energy serum, follows a soothing back massage. What more could men want?

Ayurveda Full Body Massage

A soft oil massage of Indian healing arts, which results in intensive relaxation and absolute wellbeing.

North Sea Massage

At first, the skin will be prepared by the use of a soft sea salt massage with peeling effect, so that tiniest flakes of shed skin will be removed. Then, the silken skin is receptive to grooming lotions and a sunbath. Discover a complete new and enduring dermal feeling.

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Recreational Baths

Enjoy the cozy warmth of one of our recreational baths.

Foot Treatment

Grant your feet a time out. In the aftermath of our foot massage, you will have a complete different feeling while walking.

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  • Wellness - Hotel Regina Maris


No matter if exotic massages of India, Hawaii of North Sea, after our massages you will thrive.

Beauty Care

Discover new facial masks or crèmes and give your sensitive facial skin a treat

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