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In the early 70s, the parents, Peta and Jan-Edzard Klug, bought a chip shop in front of the dyke and converted it with love for detail in 25 years into a 4**** hotel. Back then, Grandpa Hugo named it “Hotel Regina Maris”. In 1995, Kirstin Klug-Fröhlich and Stefan Fröhlich took over this “Queen of the Sea”. Since 2018, Thorsten and Klaudia Albers are added to the management as partner. In 2023, Thorsten and Klaudia Albers solely took over the management. They run it with enthusiasm for service quality and sincere hospitality.

No matter if old or young – generations of guests feel comfortable at our place in Norden Norddeich


We are at home and deeply ingrained in this region. Loosely based on the motto “East Frisian hospitality keeps always ready a cup of tea”, you find various regional specialities on our menus in our restaurants, as East Frisian Klütje with Peern, Bohntje-Sopp or Grootheider Stipp. Do you have no idea what this is? Simply ask our friendly staff…

Hotel Regina Maris, Norden-Norddeich, Nordsee, Ostfriesland, Zimmerservice,


A sincere laugh, a pleasant face, always a pleasant word and time for a personal chat – every staff member at the house is glad to conjure a smile on your face. At our place, Personal service around your wellness vacation comes first.

We are authentic – no Nordic cold and distant manner, but always honest and warm-hearted

All-Around Carefree

The whole team looks forward to welcome you – you arrive, you catch a breath and get spoiled by us. Do you have a special wish? Do not be afraid of asking for it! Do you arrive by train? In advance of your arrival, we willingly take delivery of your luggage and pick you up at the train station. Would you like to go to the island Norderney – we have day trip tickets for you. Would you like to know what places you could go? It will be a pleasure to give advice to you about events and tourist attractions… We also have consideration for intolerances.

“Se/He kümmert sük” means that she or he takes care – always and with pleasure

Hotel Regina Maris, Norden-Norddeich, Nordsee, Ostfriesland, Düne, Strand, Entspannung