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Experiencing the East Frisian country and its people

Here in Norden-Norddeich, there is plenty to discover; but first of all, the horizon is as far as the eye can see. Whether sitting and thinking or full of vim and vigor; lots of kilometers of wonderful scenery are waiting to be explored. One returns only if everyday life is forgotten, the mind is cleared, one’s stomach longs for a delicious break and the body is overdone.

The region offers as well cultural propositions to improve one’s mind. With Norden-Norddeich, you will discover a wonderful spot, a cute center and fine museums. While doing so, explore the two small towns Norden and Norddeich, merged with the hyphen, and still so different. One is medieval Frisian and the other is recent and modern. If one prefers to discover the surrounding area of Norden-Norddeich, one will find further museums, mills, enchanting castles and parks. A must-do is visiting the tea museum – it’s worth a visit and brings along wonderful stories and memories.

Tea Museum

Learn more about the East Frisian tea culture and its history. Varying exhibitions as well as the permanent exhibition of the tea museum are also interesting for coffee lovers.

Château Park Lütetsburg

About 150 types of bushes and trees are native in the Château Park, which is known as the biggest private English landscape garden in the North of Germany. Unique buildings and decorations complete this beauty spot of European landscape garden art.

Seal Station

The seal station is very active according animal and nature protection. Best of all: One can get a read of this work. Make use of it, this knowledge is of value.

City Tour

Norden ‘North’ is not only a cardinal direction, but also a city, whose history is characterized by the sea, pirates, feuds of the headman families and the successful battle against the Vikings. A thrilling city tour is guaranteed.

Seal Station

Here, one is able to learn more about breeding, fostering and the life of our seals of the North sea.

The Market Place in Norden

Stroll across the weekly market with lots of groceries, fresh and locally grown, as well as awesome flowers and perennial plants!

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