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A Couple of Days to the Seaside: This Is Always Pure Enjoyment

The North Sea - Charming at All Seasons:

Enjoying trips to the North Sea, is always enjoying the weather. We love sitting in the winter garden with a good book in uncomfortable weather and watching the storms outside. Exactly like, we wait for putting our naked feet in the sand on warm days and feeling the seawater, while the sun shines on us at full power. Moreover, those who get to know the sea more precisely classify the seasons even more detailed. Snowstorms, frozen watts and incredible natural strength are impressive as well as sunny days of summer with its warmth, flair and sunsets. Furthermore, they are competitive to Mediterranean tourist areas. However, only those are completely arrived, who are outside in all weathers. Have walks as long as your feet can walk and stops at restaurants with delicious family recipes and home-baked food. Anyway, enjoy that the clocks in East Frisia sing a different tune compared to the remaining Germany.

Cycling Tours in East Frisia

Those who are reluctant to walk are invited especially in East Frisia to discover the scenery around the North Sea on kilometres of bike lanes. Particularly, since the scenery is proverbially flat, the bicycling is a great form of locomotion. Hardly any other region in Germany has such a varied and well-signposted cycle path network. Thus, you are able to choose between the ‘Küstentour’ and the ‘Moorerlebnistour’, to name but a few. Certainly, we are available to organise your trip, to lend you bikes or to prepare a picnic basket.


The East Frisian state museum exhibits the oldest museum collection of the region. Regular events as well as varying special exhibitions provide for guests a varied program within the North Sea Wellness Vacation.


Everyone knows the Frisian dry beer from Jever. However, Jever has much more to offer with its museums and historic city. The castle Jever is also worth visiting with its museum that exhibits historic living areas from the 16th to 19th century.

Abbey Ihlow

Once, Abbey Ihlow was one of the most important abbeys in the Dutch and the Northwest German area. In the course of the reformation, Abbey Ihlow was destroyed and built up again. Besides tours over the premises of Abbey Ihlow, youth games in the forest and adventure tours for the whole family are offered.

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Get enchanted of the distinctive atmosphere of this North Sea harbour.

Harbour of Greetsiel

The fishermen’s village Greetsiel is a wonderful excursion destination with its historical gabled houses of the 17th century and the 600 years old harbour. The great range of restaurants, cafes and shopping facilities top the holiday experience off.

  • Hotel Regina Maris, Norden-Norddeich, Nordsee, Ostfriesland, Kutterhafen,

  • Hotel Regina Maris, Norden-Norddeich, Nordsee, Ostfriesland, Kutterhafen, Küste,

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