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Game, Sport and Fun at Sea Level

Active in Norden-Norddeich

Our wonderful scenery invites to outdoor activities. No matter if running, bicycling, golfing or kiting: many things are possible. Run, hike or walk along miles of path, enjoy the scenery, the view and the salt-tanged air with its refreshing aerosols. A scenic destination is Schloss Lütetsburg with its English garden. Or start out for longer trails by bike. Thus, destinations at a greater distance can be aimed or the combined canoe and bike tour ‘paddle and pedal’.

Golfing and Kiting

Those, who are addicted to sports with handicap, really appreciate the relaxation of a well-designed course, the appropriate weather and a sporting challenge. Therefore, a challenging golf course and a course for beginners exist in Lütetsburg. Kiting – this means a kite and the wind power the surfboard – is the trend sport on the water for years. Hence, trying out and watching offer a great fascination.

Adventure Golf

If you do not like to reach for a driver, you should try out adventure golf. Here, you play on small tracks with challenges. Adventure golf is similar to miniature golf. However, it is closer to nature and somewhat bigger.

Swing Golf

Swing golf has low equipment requirements and simplified guidelines. Consequently, it is beginner friendly and chummier. For instance, it is always the player’s turn with the greatest distance to the hole. Therefore, provide yourself with food and play a flight.

Soccer Golf

Do you prefer to kick the ball yourself? No problem, you should try out soccer golf. However, in that case the ball must not go into the angular goal, but into a round hole. Will you become the vacation world champion?!

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  • Schwimmen - Hotel Regina Maris
  • ahrrad fahren am Strand - Hotel Regina Maris

Swimming in the North Sea

Swim in the Sea or experience the fun of a walk across the mudflats in the UNESCO-world heritage at low tide.

Nordic Walking

Experience one of the healthiest forms of sport right next to the North Sea and breathe fresh sea air.

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  • Fahrrad fahren am Strand - Hotel Regina Maris
  • Fahrrad fahren am Strand - Hotel Regina Maris


Our surrounding area offers bicycling without rises in an idyllic nature; including fresh sea air.


No matter if Lütetsburg, Wiesmoor or Norderney, East Frisia offers well-designed golf courses.

  • Golfen - Hotel Regina Maris
  • Golfen - Hotel Regina Maris